Latest news from Vane Hill and Campania

latest news from Vane Hill and Campania

Vane Hill and Campania share their latest…

Campania’s latest trip took them to Swansea Museum. Swansea Museum is the oldest museum in Wales, and an interesting treasure house of Swansea’s past history.
Inside the museum Campania saw a fossilised Plesiosaurs, walked through a simulated trench from world war 1 and explored lots of different artifacts from that era. The most exciting bit was the mummy. It was preserved in a pressurised glass case and over a thousand years old!

It was a WOW moment! [Chunu, Support Worker]

Resident, John Griffith, joked that he may have found a long lost ancestor; a famous doctor from Swansea named Griffith John, who did some pioneering research.

Overall it was a great day enjoyed by everyone. Everyone agreed that, for a small museum, it has some amazing things! [Chunu]

Residents and staff stood inside a simulated trench from world war 1 The fossilised plesiosaurs Resident in front of the X ray image of the mummy A preserved Mummy at the Swansea Museum A preserved Mummy Residents talking about the old artifacts in the cabinet Residents stood outside Swansea Museum Resident John Griffith pointing at poster of famous doctor, named Griffith John







Fleet Air Arm Museum

Campania residents enjoyed a great day out at The Fleet Air Arm Museum represents the Royal Navy In the Air. The museum consists of four exhibition halls, more than 90 aircraft, over 2 million records and 30 thousand artifacts, therefore making it Europe’s largest naval aviation Museum.

They saw airplanes and helicopters from various different times in history. Residents entered a simulated aircraft carrier walk through, where they learnt about how an aircraft carrier runs and functions.
Most of all their highlight was the Concorde,

What an amazing piece of engineering in history.

The Concorde suprised everyone with how small and narrow it was. While the cockpit was even smaller, which provoked laughter and joking about how small the pilots must’ve been.

The Historic day was ended with a visit to the gift shop and a lovely hot drink before heading back.

Campania residents and staff exploring the museum Resident saluting at the camera Residents in front of a war aircraft Resident next to mannequin dressed in fighter pilot uniform Residents inside the Concorde Residents outside the Concorde Inside the Fleet Air Arm Museum The Concorde inside the Fleet Air Arm Museum Campania Residents stood outside the Fleet Air Arm Museum












Campania enjoy their weekly Bingo game with afternoon tea and biscuits…

Campania have at least five games every Monday. This week Desmond, resident, won two games and picked some men’s toiletries for his prize. Residents Carol and Lynn also won a game each so they also picked shower gels and deodorant for their prizes…

resident during bingo game Residents and staff during their bingo game Residents and staff during their weekly bingo game

North Wales

Vane Hill took a mini break to North Wales. Residents stayed in a caravan and spent an exciting day at King Arthur’s Labyrinth.

King Arthur’s Labyrinth is an underground attraction set inside an ancient Welsh Slate mine. Exploring the underground caverns and tunnels, while listening to tales of dragons, giants, violent battles and of course the legendary King Arthur.

Finally an underground boat ride, where thankfully they escaped the dragon’s clutches! …

Residents in their hard hats ready to go in Arthur's Labyrinth Residents outside the entrance for Arthur's Labyrinth






Dingles Fairground

Vane hill visited Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre at Lifton (April 2017), Devon. Dingles is an indoor attraction that is home to the national fairground collection. Therefore a unique venue, designed to transport visitors to a bygone age.

Residents and staff explored the working and static fairground exhibits, vintage vehicles and machinery and artwork displays…

Resident on a vintage children's donkey toy ride residents stood next to vintage dodgems residents exploring Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre residents and staff exploring Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre residents exploring Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre residents having a go at vintage 2p machines residents exploring Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre







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