Recent activities at Serenita

Serenita share their recent activities

Serenita share their recent activities of special events…

AC/DC Tribute Concert

Two residents and Nicky Tweedle, Activties coordinator, had a wonderful night out at a rock concert. One of the residents has been a fan of AC/DC for years, and there was a tribute concert being performed at the Tropicana. Therefore Serenita purchased tickets for him as a surprise birthday gift.

It was very rewarding to see him still ‘rockin’ and smiling from ear to ear !! [Nicky]

Resident at the AC/DC tribute concert Resident at the AC/DC tribute concert







Serenita Art Exhibition – “Earth, Wind and Fire”

Serenita host an exhibition of art by residents in the theme of ‘Earth,Wind and Fire’ .

Using pencils, paint, photography, sculpture and computer art… the residents showcased some amazing pieces. Relatives attended and staff admired the work which gave a real boost of self esteem to all the artists.
Earth collage and fire painting by residents Resident's art works displayed on the wall Wind painting by resident Fire painting by resident Wind photography by resident Earth and wind watercolour Fire inspired felt tip art Earth Collage by Nicky Tweedle Visitor admiring the art work Resident admiring an art piece Visitors admiring the art work at Serenita Visitors admiring the art work at Serenita resident staff and visitors at Serenita's art show residents staff and visitors at Serenita's art show Earth wind and fire art event poster at Serenita












Residents and staff at Serenita ARBD dressed up and had a spectacular spooky day for Halloween. There was a themed buffet, quiz and karaoke. Friends and relatives came along and joined in with the all day long activities.
The décor was designed, made and put up by residents…who really got into the ‘spirit’ of the day !!

Serenita Residents dressed up for Halloween Serenita Support Worker dressed up for halloween dishing out the buffet Serenita resident dressed as a zombie bride with Support Worker dressed as a Devil Serenita Residents enjoying the halloween party Serenita resident and Nicky, activities coordinator, dressed up for halloween







Armistice Day

Residents of Serenita ARBD commemorated Armistice Day this year by making their own tributes and poppy wreaths for a ”table of remembrance”.
They adorned the table with flags from every nationality living and working at Serenita. They also researched life histories of relatives who have fought in wars and put photos on the table for others to read.
There was a creative writing competition about what the day means to them personally and everyone observed a two minute silence at the 11th hour, of the 11th day in the 11th month.

Sunday morning saw residents attending a memorial service in Weston Super Mare. They watched the parade of armed forces and veterans, and saw poppy wreaths being laid at the cenotaph in Grove park by The Lord Mayor.
The park was packed with other members of the community also showing their respects. It was a very moving experience for everyone.

armistice day parade in weston-super-mare motorbikes at the weston-super-mare parade-on-armistice-day serenitas table of rememberance veterans holding poppy wreaths on armistice day parade weston-super-mare armistice day paradeSerenita resident holding British flag at Armistice Day ParadeSerenita resident holding British flag at Armistice Day Parade

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