Annual Christmas Cake Competition

Christmas is nearly here, which means it is time for our Christmas Cake Competition. Every year, each home can choose to take part, this year the competition is high as 9 of our 10 homes have been baking it out to defend or take the title from last year’s winner, Campania ARBD Care Home.

Residents and staff have enjoyed getting festive by taking part, from initial brain-storming of ideas, to the baking and decorating of the cake.

This year, you have a chance to take part in judging the decoration of the cakes, by visiting our Facebook page and liking the photo of your favourite. The voting will start on the 12th December and end on the 18th.

The taste of the cakes will be judged by the head office team; in order to be fair, a piece of each cake will be tasted without knowing which home or what the cake looks like.

There is only one prize for the best decorated and taste, so the winner takes all!

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