Art Exhibition by Serenita ARBD Resident

art exhibition

Serenita ARBD Home are hosting an Art Exhibition of a Resident’s original Art Work


Marc Hicks has been a resident at Serenita ARBD for six months now. He has lived with mental and physical health issues for a number of years, and has used Art as a medium to express himself and to deal with some of his personal difficulties. He has been busy creating several master pieces to display at his Art Exhibition on Wednesday 18th November from 2PM at Serenita ARBD Home, 15-19 Clevedon Road, Weston Super-Mare, BS23 1DA.

His works of art will be displayed ‘gallery’ style. There will be a small buffet and refreshments served to all attending parties. An opportunity to buy these one off pieces will be available on the day, with all proceeds going towards Serenita’s fund to buy a mobility scooter for residents use.
Any voluntary donations will also be accepted on the day.

Marc will be giving a short informal presentation of himself and his work, which has been a valuable therapy whilst living at Serenita.
”From when I was young it was my world and my escape. My understanding of the way I saw the world. Art became my friend..the one thing that was mine.
It was my hopes and dreams, and a place that made sense to me. A place where I could hide.

I looked at all paintings as pictures of what that person was feeling at the time. Since has become so much more. It’s my 5 minutes relaxation, or my three month focus. It’s my past, present and future, and the way I want to express it.”

[Marc Hinks, Resident at Serenita ARBD]

Here are just some of his wonderful work…

Painting on canvas Painting on canvas 3D mixed media Painting on canvas

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