Art pieces raise £140!

art pieces

Mark Hinks, resident at Serenita ARBD Home creates Art pieces to help raise money…


Serenita ARBD Home held an art exhibition, showcasing Mark Hinks’ wonderful art pieces.

From when Mark was young, he used his art as an escapism, “his understanding of the way he saw the world. Art became his friend..the one thing that was his.”

He kindly offered to create some original art pieces to present in an art exhibition at Serenita to help raise money for an electric scooter for residents to use at the home.

The exhibition was well attended with friends, family, residents from near by Notaro Care Homes, staff, management and the Deputy Mayor, Alan Peak attended.

Milan Mores, Manager at Serenita, officially opened the exhibition, welcoming the Deputy Mayor, Alan Peak and thanking attendees, he then introduced Mark;

“I’m quite a private person really, but this is my way of sort of shaping my life of where I’ve been, what i do and the way i see the world basically.
It’s my expression of the world. I’ve found that difficult over time to express myself, but this is my outlet, this is what i do and i hope you all enjoy it.” [Mark Hinks]

The exhibition raised an amazing £140 towards Serenita’s fund to buy an electric scooter.

deputy mayor, Alan Peak, chatting to Mark Hinks Mark discussing one of his paintings with guests Mark Hinks discussing his painting wiith Alan Peak Mark's paintings displayed at the art exhibition Serenita Manager, Milan and two staff members talking with Alan Peak, Deputy Mayor two paintings by Mark Hinks visitor admiring Mark's paintings

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