Breakfast invitation for Serenita

breakfast with the Bishop

Serenita ARBD Home have received a breakfast invitation with the Bishop of Bath and Wells


Serenita have been attending the ‘Vision 4 skills’ group since July this year. The group is run by the Weston ”lighthouse” project, which is a charity aimed to bring hope to local people in need. They do this through projects that support people in crisis, providing training for employment and helping to strengthen families and communities. ‘Vision 4 skills’ is one of the many projects from Lighthouse and runs weekly at St Paul’s Church, Weston Super Mare. The group promotes social and life skills in a safe and healthy environment. Activities include jewelry making, computer skills, art therapy and gardening.

Through ‘Vision 4 Skills’ Serenita have been sent a breakfast invitation with Peter Hancock, Bishop of Bath & Wells and afterwards to a service celebrating partnership working.

“As you will know, partnership working can produce a powerful impact on the lives of individuals, families and whole communities. Working with a supportive and creative church can have great benefits. At its best a church can offer genuine experience of community, individual support and a transforming spiritual experience. St Paul’s church impacts the lives of children, young people and adults across the ages. We work with a number of more vulnerable groups including the elderly, those with mental health issues, ex-offenders and newer immigrant communities. Where we can, we work together with expert providers in these fields to support individuals through our large volunteering base. We hope that the breakfast and service will be a ‘thank you’ to the wonderful organisations that we already work with’ and an introduction to the work of St Paul’s and Lighthouse to others who we might work with in the future.” [Andrew Alden, Vicar]

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