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December News from Campania ARBD Home


Swansea Waterfront Museum

It’s been a busy month here at Campania. We had a lovely trip out to the Swansea waterfront museum, where some of the guys had thoughts of visiting outer space.

Keith dressed as an astronaut resident trying on the astronaut suit resident, Keith, at the Swansea waterfront museum residents at the Swansea waterfront museum








National Museum

We also visited the national museum, and Jenny seemed to be making plans for Campania…

resident at the national museum







Christmas Cake

With some very willing volunteers we did a trial run for the cake competition and made a snowman. However we settled for the Christmas Cracker to be our entry and were lucky enough to be one of the winners.

Campania's winning Christmas cake


WELL DONE everyone.  And thanks to everyone who voted.






Making Place mats

There are some amazingly talented people here who produced some fantastic place mats – they look great!


Resident making a placemat resident showing her pink floyd placemat she made residents making placemats






Decorating Campania for Christmas

With Christmas coming it was all hands on deck to help make decorations and decorate the house. Lynne, Skippy, Gwen, Micheal M. Sandra, Geriant, George and Tony A. Thanks it looked lovely.


residents decorating the christmas tree at Campania residents putting the star on the Christmas tree






Christmas Party

We invited Serenita to join us at our Christmas Party, we hope they enjoyed it. We had a number of things going on, karaoke, pin the nose on Rudolph, graffiti, photo booth and other games. Everyone seemed to be having fun.

christmas at campania 2015 comments board resident creating a grafitti art Singing Karaoke at Campania's Christmas Partychristmas photo booth at Campania






The graffiti and photo booth went down a storm, and some wonderful comments were left on our board.


Congratulations to Tony A, Gwen, Skippy, John G, Keith and Mike from Serenita who all won prizes

Santa visit

We had a surprise visit from Santa who just pooped in to check if he had his naughty / nice list correct.

santa with a campania staff membercampania staff member dressed as elf sat with Santa staff member at Campania sat with Santa








Campania has tried to spread the Christmas cheer by making and giving shoe boxes for the homeless. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed clothes and money.


We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!





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