Some ‘feathered’ Residents have arrived…

Vane Hill ARBD Care Home is proud to announce their 4 new family members, 2 chickens and 2 ducks.

The chickens were donated from Nunzio Notaro’s nephew, Andrew Dodden and his wife Vicki. The chickens are both brown and egg laying; which Vane Hill are looking forward to using. The residents have amusingly named them after the Managing director and his wife; Nunzio & Connie.

The ducks are Black East Indies and are best known for their striking appearance: very dark, lustrous green plumage and black bills. They have been named Daffy & Betty.

The four of them live together in a chicken house that was brought to Vane Hill by Nunzio. Daffy & Betty have a small pool to swim in.

Amanda, Vane Hill Resident, said ‘Daffy & Betty certainly love the hose pipe sprayed on them and after they have a swim they like to clean their feathers and bask in the sun down the bay. The chickens love pecking at apples but don’t like when it’s bed time and make a lot of noise when put in their bed as we discovered last night’

We hope Daffy, Betty, Nunzio & Connie settle in well and all at Vane Hill enjoy their company.

Amanda with the new residents

Daffy & Betty Daffy & Betty Nunzio & Connie Nunzio & ConnieChickens & ducks

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