Notaro ARBD Care has developed a positive and flexible approach working with commissioners of care to offer support solutions that also provide value for money. Fees reduce as stages of recovery are assessed and achieved

Our 3-step recovery programme allows us to determine how residents manage everyday life skills. We visit each individual before they come into the home and fully assess their needs in great detail. Providing we can meet their needs, together with them, we formulate a care/support plan, including full risk assessments which are regularly updated.


Korsakoff’s Syndrome or Wernicke Korsakoff Syndrome

After three months, or sooner if required, we review the individual’s assessments to date, using monitoring tools to chart their progress. We look and review how far an individual has come with undertaking tasks independently or if they still require assistance from a support worker.  We are then able to adjust their support plan accordingly to match their level of independence.

Once we have enough evidence that skills are being done independently we can look to reduce the weekly fee.

How do weekly fees get reduced?

The idea is to move them from ‘Step 1’ – requiring substantial support (please see diagram below), to ‘Step 3’ where skills learnt can be consistently managed independently with little or no support and evidence has been gathered. If a resident can respond to the 3 step process and start to show progress, then we will look at reducing the weekly fee.

To find out more about our assessment process or to talk to someone about fees please call any of the homes direct and ask for the home manager or call our head office on 01934 422822