First Class Masters for Serenita Manager

First class Masters

Serenita Home Manager, Tracy Peart, Celebrates First Class Masters…

Tracy Peart received a First Class Masters in Social Studies ( Social inclusion | Social Policy) on Monday July 3rd. Tracy started her course in 2015 directly after Studying for a BA Hons in Social inclusion and Social Justice. She studied at the University of Trinity St David in Carmarthen.

Tracy said;

It started off as a personal goal to prove to myself that I could achieve something more and it ended up being so much more than that.
Mainly, of huge benefit to compliment my hands on practical skills of my work within Health & Social Care. I had finished BA studies and was hooked on Social inclusion which I’m very passionate about. I knew if I were to make a difference in my own personal relationships and working world, gaining that deeper level of understanding of ‘who are we’?  It would enrich my own insight as well as my knowledge. Social inclusion is something I’m very actively passionate about.

It’s my hope that with the deeper fundamental level of study I’ve achieved, I can be a better practitioner. I can then pass some of my knowledge to the team at Serenita and beyond, so that we can build on an already great team and enrich the lives of our residents even further, moving forward in the years to come.

As a result of Tracy’s graduation, she is celebrating on a well deserved sunny holiday with her husband, Dave!

I couldn’t have got through the years at University without Dave’s love and support

Congratulations Tracy from all of us at N Notaro Homes Ltd!

Tracy Peart - graduation
Tracy Peart on her graduation day with her husband, Dave
Tracy Peart - graduation
Tracy Peart on her Graduation day

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