Great start to the New Year for Serenita

a great start to the New Year

Great start to the New Year for Serenita ARBD residents…

The residents of Serenita have had a great start to the New Year with a really positive outlook. Since they have enrolled in an archery group on Monday evenings, which is not only an excellent way to focus and work on upper body strength, but is also fun and promotes healthy competition.
There have been some hilarious renditions of ‘robin hood prince of thieves’ being sung..and endless jokes about William Tell !!

Residents attended the theater for the first time as an outing, and they hope this will be the first of many.

There is a new ‘Walking for health‘ group on Monday afternoons which is led by North Somerset council volunteers. Serenita residents really enjoyed this and will be continuing to attend weekly.

Two residents have expressed their interest in improving their English language skills. Therefore they have enrolled on an English course.

Finally a Lithuanian Resident has been sharing his culture by performing folk songs on his guitar and sharing his recipes…

Nicola Tweedle, activities coordinator, in the theatre waving to the camera resident at english language course residents at the theatre residents sat at the theatre Serenita residents at their archery class

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