Holi Festival of Colour Campania celebrates

Campania ARBD celebrated the Holi Festival of Colour

Holi festival of colour is a Hindu celebration so to celebrate the start of spring. The festival is held annually in India, Nepal and other south Asian countries. In recent years, Holi Festival celebrations have spread to Europe and North America.

Residents at Campania learnt to make and cook samosas! In addition, the residents enjoyed a 3 course homemade Indian meal.

The celebratory meal was very successful, because only some rice was leftover!…

Campania's dining room set up to enjoy their 3 course homemade Indian Meal Campanie resident enjoying the homemade indian meal The 3 course indian meal menu to celebrate Holi Festival Residents making fresh samosas Resident filling the samosa Resident having fun filling the samosa Residents making fresh samosas Resident being shown how to stick the pastry sheets for the samosa All the finished samasos ready to cook All the finished samasos ready to cook Campania staff member teaching how to make samosas

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