Horse-Drawn Barge trip for Vane Hill

Vanehill take horse drawn barge trip

Vanehill residents enjoy horse-drawn barge trip

This week (September 2017) Residents from Vanehill went on a horse-drawn barge trip up the Tiverton canal.

The ‘Tivertonian‘ is one of the last remaining horse-drawn barges in the UK. Holding 75 passengers, the return trip lasts 2 1/2 hours, allowing a break at East Manley. Where the residents can go for a walk to see the Aqueduct and/or meet the horse as he/she rests in the shade of a tree.

During the unique journey, residents and fellow passengers were told memorable tales and historical facts. They also got to enjoy two minutes of silence, to really appreciate the peace and tranquility of travelling this way.

Residents meeting the dogs on the barge Residents stood next to the barge, before starting their unique journey Vanehill resident meeting the horse taking a break in the shade residents off the barge during the break in East Manley Residents sat inside the horse-drawn barge

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