In2Biking with Serenita


Serenita enjoy their first session at In2Biking


Serenita attended their first session with In2Biking inclusive cycling club at Worle Community School. The residents were assessed and allocated bikes according to their ability. It was really good fun for all…and a safe way to get fit.

“One of our gentlemen from Serenita, who is generally shy, did around 40 laps and still wanted more !! He was laughing and joking all the way. Fantastic activity.” [Nicky Tweedle, Activities Coordinator]


Residents doing laping the sports hall Residents doing their laps on bikes Serenita posing for a photo on his bike Serenita resident being shown how to use her bike Serenita resident sat on his three wheeled bike








Skittles and Scran

Serenita was joined by Campania for a game of skittles and a lovely lunch. A brilliant day was had by all…

resident playing skittles resident throwing the skittle ball residents and staff enjoying their lunch after the skittles game

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