Jamaican themed party at Campania

Jamaican themed party

Campania ARBD residents enjoy a Jamaican themed party


Every month at Campania ARBD Care Home, they arrange a themed afternoon/evening to enjoy. This month the theme was Jamaica.
The day before, the residents baked homemade Jamaican muffins and cheese cake. They decorated the home with coloured baloons and Jamaican flags ready for their themed coffee afternoon.

Serenita ARBD Care Home was also invited, allowing everyone to socialise together. After the coffee afternoon, they took part in a Jamaican quiz where prizes were won for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
In the evening the residents enjoyed a Jamaican themed tea such as Jerk chicken, rice and peas and a tropical fruit salad and coconut ice-cream.

See the photos of their Jamaican themed party –

Jamaican themed partyTropical fruit salad

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