Journey towards independence…

Serenita Resident, James Moy’s journey towards independence…

James Moy came to Serenita aged 36, just 18 months ago.

When he first arrived, his communication and speech was very poor and he was having almost daily seizures.

He looked scared and disorientated. James remembers the day ..”I was so worried about going into care, because i thought i would loose all my independence, and i thought i might never get out again”

James’ life became unmanageable after a terrible tragedy in 2008. He lost his baby to cot death and struggled to cope with the bereavement. He began drinking very heavily as a way to block out his pain.
Over the next few years, his drinking spiralled and he was eventually hospitalized. This is when he was referred to Serenita.

Within the first few weeks James had made efforts to join the life skills and enablement programme, and was involved with lots of activities.
Nicky Tweedle [activities coordinator] found out that James had a passion for horticulture, and enrolled him on the Allotment project. The tutors and other attendees took an instant shine to his positive and friendly attitude, and soon he was attending twice a week, and had met several friends. He also heard about a walking group and enrolled himself on this once per week. This meant that he was busy and occupied in positive action, along with getting out into the community. He was escorted to begin with ..but after being assessed, he continued these pursuits independently. James even bought himself a pushbike, and was risk assessed to ride this all around town. It gave him a new purpose and independence.

James is dyslexic and worked very hard at improving his literacy by practicing word searches and crosswords with other residents at Serenita.
He has become a really popular resident and is well thought of by all.

James has a very supportive family, who visit and are proactive in his recovery. His mum took him on a recent walking holiday in Spain. His dad also took him camping. His sister regularly goes cycling with him.

James has shown that his positive approach and hard work has paid off, and he is unrecognisable as the frightened man who arrived at Serenita that day.

He has applied for a disabled train and bus pass, and often plans an independent journey around Somerset for the day. He keeps a record of the areas he has travelled on a large map in his room.
With support from Serenita staff, James has been leading a full and active life free from alcohol ..and with medication, his seizures are under control.

James and others involved in his care planning feel it is now the right time for him to start the next part of his journey towards independence. He has saved up a deposit on a flat very close to Serenita, and he now has the keys !! (see the photo below of James opening the door to his new flat)

As a team…we are thrilled with the way James has engaged with the enablement programme, and how he has worked so hard to turn his life around.

We all wish him very well in his new home, and he knows that we are only round the corner if he needs any ongoing support.

As for his hopes for the future…James would like to get a job and save for his dream of living on a small holding, where he can grow his own organic food. We will do whatever we can to help him realise his dreams. We also hope that he will return to visit, as a positive role model for others coming into ARBD care.

James opening the door to his new homeJames at the allotment project

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