Member of ARBD staff commended by North Somerset Counsellor

In a world so set on negative press about the care sector, we often forget to mention the many stars that work amongst us every day and turn the negative press into the more positive realistic world we work in.

We would like to thank a Counsellor of the North Somerset Council for bringing to our attention the excellent work witnessed by her of one of our care team. Ermira Masha who works as a bank support worker at Serenita ARBD Care Home was witnessed providing exceptional care to one of our residents at Weston General Hospital recently.

In a letter penned by Anne Kemp, Counsellor of North Somerset Council for People and Communities to Milan Mores, Care Home Manager of Serenita, she wrote;

“ I would like to bring to your attention and commend one of your staff members who was attending with a service user, Weston General Hospital on **** 2014.”

“I was particularly drawn to her caring and professional manner with which she helped this man, making sure he was comfortable and addressing his apprehension at being in the A & E department. It was a very rewarding thing to witness and your staff member should be commended.”

At a time when the focus of care service usually highlights the negative, I am keen to acknowledge positive and caring contributions, so please pass on our appreciation. I do not know her name but I’m sure you will be able to establish which member of your staff it was.”

So lovely was the letter and the time taken to write it, we felt it worthy to announce it for everyone to see and read. So well done Ermira, you are a credit to Notaro Homes and yourself.

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