Mental Health Awareness Week at Serenita & Campania

Mental Health Awareness week

Mental Health Awareness Week at Serenita and Campania ARBD

Residents from Campania and Serenita joined together for a trip to “Theatre in the Hut” during Mental Health Awareness Week.
The theatre puts on performances that engage local people living with physical or mental challenges. Encouraging them to either perform, work front of house, or backstage.
The show was a huge success, and our ARBD residents spoke to Stephen Watters who helps to run the project, about Bringing their own performance art into their Activity programmes.

” I will be working closely with Stephen over the next six months to engage residents, and showcase what talents we have living in our Notaro care homes.” [Nicky Tweedle]

Serenita and Campania residents sat in the 'Theatre in the hut' Resident meeting Stephen Watters








Serenita residents also attended a Mental Health Awareness Week event at The Healthy living centre.
They joined a foraging walk to collect edible plants and flowers, and prepared salads to enjoy.

residents during mental health awareness event at The Healthy living centre resident making meal from foraged food residents making meal from foraged food Residents outside during foraging course Residents outside foraging for food







At Serenita, residents designed a ‘solidarity’ tree with each leaf representing a person and a word to represent how mental health may have affected them.
Finally.. Residents made up a ‘comfort tin’ which contained small items to use in times of crisis.

“I’ve chosen lavender and a photo of a dog.These things calm me down when I’m worried or anxious” [Serenita resident]

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