Neon 5k walk for Weston Hospicecare…

Neon 5k walk logo

Two of our ARBD residents have signed up for the Neon 5k walk


The Neon 5K walk will take place for the first time in Weston Super Mare on Saturday October 25th. Starting in Weston woods at 6pm; it will take the participants through a journey of bright lights, music and hidden joys. They will walk through five party zones, including Alice’s Wonderland and space odyssey. Participants are encouraged to wear bright coloured outfits, neon paint and glow sticks.

Wayne Brewer who is registered blind and Shaun Jenkins who has chronic pancreatitis are both from Campania ARBD Care Home, they paid £15 to sign up; money going to Weston Hospicecare.

Wayne has already decorated his white cane in neon colours and they have both bought glow sticks etc to wear and use on the walk.

We think it is great that Wayne and Shaun decided to take part; we look forward to the photos.

Wayne and Shaun signing up to the Neon 5k

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