Open top vintage bus trip

Did you spot the residents and children on the open top vintage bus yesterday?

The vintage bus arrived at Serenita ARBD care home, decorated in balloons, flags and signs. Katie from engage4life introduced herself and her companions to the residents and briefed them on the day’s itinerary. Then the coastal trip began, under a beautiful sunny day, the music started and residents and children were dancing and singing, party poppers popping, passers by waving, cars and Lorries beeping, there were smiles all around.

The bus reached the tranquil marina in Portishead, everyone enjoyed lunch outside at Bottelino’s and the children had a chance to get to know the residents, Carl from Vane hill ARBD care home said ‘It was nice to see young people taking an interest in people in care, when most young people of today wouldn’t take notice of us. I really enjoyed the trip’

After lunch, everyone enjoyed the views of the marina and fed the swans, and then it was back on the bus returning to Weston-Super-Mare, for more fun and dancing to the music.

Serenita’s participating residents had this to say;

Ernie  – ‘I loved being out on the old bus with other residents and the kids, it brought back memories from when I was a lad in Liverpool.’

Steve – ‘I liked being out on the old bus talking to the children and other residents.’

Bruce  – ‘I had a good time with the young adults, they made me feel welcome.’

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