Prince’s trust visits Vane Hill

prince's trust team programme

The Prince’s trust spend 3 days with Vane Hill ARBD residents…


The Prince’s trust charity was founded in 1976 by Prince Charles. The charity works with 50,00 young people each year; running training programs providing mentoring support and offering financial grants. 80% of which go on to employment, education, training or volunteering.

As part of The Prince’s trust Torquay team’s 16 week training course, Their team of nine 16-18 year olds spent three days with Vane Hill ARBD residents; hosting a variety of different activities, which were: arts and crafts, Pool, Quizzes, Music Bingo, baking and a gig performed by one of the Prince’s trust volunteers.

The arts & crafts activity saw them making Easter cards to send to loved ones or decorating polystyrene eggs, which everyone enjoyed taking part.

For Pool, they played games of “killer” A mini game which consists of players having a number of lives and on each go they must pot at least one ball, otherwise they will lose a life. The winner of each game was given an Easter egg; which cost the Prince’s Trust a lot of eggs, as they were faced with a few Pool fanatics.

Music bingo worked in the same way as bingo, but instead of numbers, music was played, this provoked conversation and nostalgia of hearing a familiar song.

They put on quizzes about film and general knowledge and baked cupcakes together.

The week was ended with a small gig from Terry a current Prince’s Trust Volunteer. She played and sang new and old songs with her guitar, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was a great end to the week.

At the end of their 16 week course, they must present their work in a Final Presentation to receive their certificate. Vane Hill was invited along to watch the presentation joining around 50 people including the Lord Mayor.

prince's trust playing pool Prince's trust final presentation prince's trust baking with vane hill residents prince's trust baking cupcakes with vane hill residents


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