Recent news stories from Vane Hill

recent news stories

Recent news stories from Vane Hill ARBD Care Home


The Prince’s Trust

Vane Hill continue their close relationship with the Prince’s Trust and invited more students into their home to spend time with them organising activities; this time they hosted a general Knowledge and music quiz, played Jenga and Killer pool, with the winner getting a prize of chocolate and Ben from the Prince’s Trust painted a resident’s nails.

Ann & pip with their chocolate prize after winning the quiz Ben from Prince's trust painting a resident's nails Ben painting a resident's nails resident taking a jenga piece residents in the garden playing the general knowledge quiz The jenga pile crashing down







Allotment harvest

Amanda, resident at Vane Hill, has been very busy growing vegetables in the  Vane Hill greenhouse, she did try and grow on their little farm, however the ducks and chickens didn’t allow this and ate all the seeds!

Her first harvest was a whole cucumber and some plump tomatoes, Amanda said there is more to come! She has planted tomatoes, Sweetcorn, Red/Green peppers and Chillies.


cucumber and tomatoes







National citizen service (NCS)

Vane Hill also had a visit from a group of young adults from the National Citizen Service (NCS) a voluntary programme for 16 and 17 year olds in England to make great friendships, learn skills that they don’t necessarily teach at school and create cherished memories.
NCS came to vane hill to engage in the community and to understand life in a care home as well as socialising with people they don’t usually associate with.
Whilst visiting vane hill the young adults encouraged residents to join in with games such as Jenga, Cards, Pool and some sat with the residents and encouraged conversations. They also visited the farm and met the chicken, cockerel and ducks, feeding them lettuce.

After the visit, Vane Hill received a lovely letter from the students who came to visit, thanking everyone for “being so welcoming and for allowing us to join in with your amazing barbecue, sharing your stories, teaching us many games, including card games and, in general for sharing some wonderful afternoons with us.” Read the rest of the letter below.

NCS student sitting  and talking with a resident NCS students feeding the chickens and ducks NCS Students laughing with a Vane Hill resident NCS students with residents and staff at Vane HillLetter from NCS studentsLetter from NCS students

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