Resident activities at Vane Hill

resident activities. Bovington Tank Museum

 Vane Hill enjoys some great resident activities…


Torbay Owls & Company

A group of Bird of Prey enthusiasts who decided to form a club in 2009, called Torbay Owls & Company came to visit Vane Hill to show off the different types of birds they had. They brought in 5 Owls and a Harris Hawk for the residents to see and handle. All the residents and staff enjoyed holding the birds and speaking to the bird’s owners.

Bobby stroking a Harris Hawk Frank handling a Harris Hawk mike stroking an owl Paul holding a Harris Hawk Sandra handling an owl








The Bovington Tank Museum

Home Manager, Steve and Support worker, Paul, took a group of residents that wanted to go to the Bovington tank museum in Dorset. The museum displays over 300 armoured warfare from the First World War to present day. It is regarded as the best Tank museum in the World and includes the first ever tank, Little Willie, a German Tiger Tank and the Modern Challenger 2.
For some of the residents, it was a special visit as they were ex Army, RAF & Navy.

Frank stood in front of a tank residents in the face holes of a war painting Richard & Gwyn stood in front of a tank Sandra stood in front of a tank Vane Hill group photo stood outside the Tank museum

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