Alcohol Related Brain Damage talks for students

Vane Hill residents talk to Torquay Academy Students about Alcohol Related Brain Damage…


ARBD stands for Alcohol Related Brain Damage, an umbrella term, coined by Notaro. It describes the damage caused to the brain due to long-term heavy drinking.

Long term alcohol abuse can affect the brain cells, changing the way the brain works. Therefore resulting in personality changes, poor judgment, problems with mood, memory, making decisions and lack of insight.

To find out more about the affects of alcohol on the brain click here

Residents from Vanehill ARBD Care Home together with Steve Todd, Vane Hill Manager, visited Torquay Academy. They were invited to talk and educate the students about Alcohol Related Brain Damage.

The residents talked about their own personal experiences and the affects alcohol has had on their lives. At the end of the hour talks, Students were able to ask any questions on the subject.

All the students went away with a better knowledge about brain damage through alcohol.

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your residents for visiting us and educating us all about ARBD and the ways that alcohol affects the brain. The class really enjoyed and appreciated your presentations and discussions at the end.” Anne Haines, Torquay Academy


Vane Hill resident discussing alcohol related brain damage to students at Torquay Academy Resident from Vane Hill in front of Torquay Academy students discussing the affects of alcohol Vane Hill Resident sat in front of Torquay Academy students talking about ARBD Vane Hill resident talking to students at Torquay Academy

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