St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day at Serenita and Vane Hill ARBD Care Homes…


St Patrick’s Day is a celebration held on March 17th each year commemorating Saint Patrick; the primary Patron Saint of Ireland.

Serenita celebrated St Patrick’s Day by making decorations to hang and decorating cakes ready for Campania to join them for an afternoon of fun!

They played Irish music to jig to, put on an Irish quiz, dressed up in silly hats and had a competition at drawing a leprechaun!

doing the Irish Jig drawing a leprechaun competition dressing up as a leprechaun Milan, manager, doing the irish jig with resident resident making a funny face with her green stuck on eyebrows and moustache next to their homemade cupcakes Resident making a funny pose with her stuck on green moustache resident holding jar of St Patrick's wish sticks








Vane Hill put on a similar affair by decorating their home with St Patrick’s Day signs and decorations, wearing big hats and laying on a feast complete with green jelly.

Resident at Vane Hill with his bowl of green jelly Residents of Vane Hill dressed in big hats for St Patrick's Day Residents of Vane Hill enjoying their food on Saint Patrick's Day

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