Success story…

success story

Success story for Campania ARBD Care Home


Chloe Hearne, Home Administrator and previous Activities Coordinator, who worked closely with Tracy Ball, discusses her success story…

Tracy came to Campania on 3rd May 2013, she really was at rock bottom when she came to us, unable to look after herself, unable to cope with life, very underweight and was very close to giving up.

Through the time Tracy was here, she really did pick herself up and became an independent woman again….. Don’t get me wrong she did go through some hard times where she wanted to give up, but with some encouragement and advice from the staff she carried on and was able to do more day to day tasks independently.

In time Tracy moved up to the 4th floor here at Campania, which is our more independent floor and began cooking for herself everyday using her personal allowance to go food shopping and creating her meal plan weekly to follow as a guide.

Tracy’s main focus was to get back to her hometown and be closer to her two daughters and one son.

We are so so proud of Tracy as she has come so far and will be very sadly missed. However it is great to have another success story!

We wish her all the best for her future!

Tracey at Campania ARBD Care Home Tracy at Campania with fellow service user Tracy with her owl wind chime she won at Campania's bingo game Tracy out on a day trip Tracy with her Campania friends out on a day trip Chloe helping Tracy to make the home's Christmas caketracy at her leaving party at Campaniatracy's leaving party at Campania

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