Vane Hill’s visit from the Prince’s Trust

Vane Hill's winning quiz team

Vane Hill’s visit from the Prince’s Trust…

It is that time again for the Prince’s Trust to make their three day visit to Vane Hill; As part of The Prince’s trust Torquay team’s 16 week training course, They host a variety of different activities for Vane Hill’s residents, which were: Killer Pool, Card Games, a Quiz and nail painting.

The first morning started with one group playing killer pool; which involves each person starting with ‘lives’ and for each failed pot they would loose a ‘life’, the person left with ‘lives’ wins the game and a prize.

“As many residents like to play rummy, there was always a card game or two going on” Mandy Hill, Resident at Vane Hill

Resident Ann had her nails painted by one of the students from the Trust and to end the 3 days, a quiz was done in the garden. The quiz was split between 3 groups, each team contained a mixture of residents, staff and students from The Prince’s trust.

The winning team won a box of Milk Tray Chocolates

Everyone in the garden in their quiz teams Prince's Trust student painting Vane Hill resident, Ann's nails The quiz winners with their prize of Milk Tray chocolates

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