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world of country life

Serenita and Campania visit World Of Country Life in Exmouth

Serenita & Campania spent the day together at World of Country Life in Exmouth. With their eclectic mix of museums, animals and entertainment.

Residents rode the famous deer train through the paddocks. While getting to hand feed the deer and llamas and furthermore learning interesting facts from the train driver.

In the pet centre, they got up close and fed lambs with milk bottles.

In the Hall of transport, residents explored South West’s largest collection of steam engines and immaculate vintage cars & vehicles.

Finally, the highlight of the day was the birds of prey display which the residents really enjoyed. Watching the magnificent birds fly from perch to perch and learning about the way they Hunt.

“A lovely day with a picnic, was had by all!” [Nicky, Activities Coordinator]


Resident walking through the hall of transport Residents stood next to a vintage vehicle Resident sat taking photos of the lambs in the barn Residents sat on a bench in the sunshine Resident feeding the goat Resident bottle feeding a lamb Resident bottle feeding a lamb resident feeding a llama on the train safari Residents on the train safari feeding the deers and Llamas Residents wearing cowboy hatsResidents posing in a Comic foreground Resident stroking a lamb Staff and resident posing with the lambs Staff and residents waiting for the birds of prey display Staff and residents waiting for the birds of prey display An owl on the perch An eagle on the perch Resident feeding a deer Staff and residents outside World of Country Life

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