Young Devon Group visit Vane Hill ARBD

Young Devon group of students visit Vane Hill to learn about ARBD

Young Devon is a progressive charity that established in 1949. Their main objective is to “change the odds in favour of young people.” By enhancing lives and supporting opportunity for those that are least likely to have their voices heard.

Residents and staff at Vane Hill welcomed the Young Devon Group of soon to be school leavers into their home. Steve Todd, Vane Hill Manager, gave a short talk about Korsakoffs syndrome and the dangers of Binge drinking. Pip and Amanda, Residents at Vane Hill, also attended the talk to answer any questions the students may have.

“Many of the group were shocked at the dangers that binge drinking has on people” Amanda said.

After the talk, the students were given a questionnaire to complete. Also they took some information about Korsakoffs and binge drinking home with them.

Group of students listening to the talk on ARBD Young Devon Group at Vane Hill while listening to the talk on ARBD Group of students listening to the talk on ARBD

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