When a loved one is becoming a resident at any of the three Notaro ARBD Care homes, you want to know they’re being supported throughout their recovery with a flexible, actionable plan.

Over the years, we have developed a positive approach working with commissioners of care to offer the support solutions residents need, while providing value for money. These fees reduce as the stages of recovery are progressed.

Our 3-step recovery programme allows us to assess how residents manage everyday life skills. Before they come to stay with us, we visit each individual and fully assess every need in full detail. Provided we can meet these needs, we create a care/support plan, including full risk assessments, which are regularly reviewed.

At least once every three months or less, we review the individual, charting their progress. Through this, we look and see how far they have come with undergoing tasks independently, or if they still require a support worker’s help. We are then able to adjust their plan accordingly and, once we have enough evidence that skills are independent, we can look to reduce the weekly fee.

As well as a review, the resident’s 3-step recovery is reflected in their everyday life, with different support and living situations for those who need them. For younger residents with more independence, they may choose to live in an apartment with kitchen facilities and reduced support, while more dependent residents may be better off in a room with much more support. The 3-step structure may look like:

Step 1 – Much more support given, typically meals are made for these residents and live in rooms for easier access.

Step 2 – A mix of support based on previous assessments and reviews for the individual needs.

Step 3 – Residents can live in their own apartment space, with kitchen facilities to prepare their own meals, with reduced daily support if they feel ready for this.

One key thing to remember about ARBD is it can be reversed. Residents going through recovery are on bespoke plans and structures, with the aim of one day seeing them go on to get their own home away from Notaro ARBD Care, with jobs and complete independent living.

The fee structure of care at Notaro ARBD Care is dependent on the rate of support given, as well as other variables such as the local authority of the home chosen, as well as their personal circumstances.

To find out more about our assessment process, or to talk to someone about the details of fees, please call any of our homes directly and ask for the home manager or call our head office on 01934 422822.