Just as we take care of our physical health, our mental health needs to be looked after too.

Psychological therapy

Poor mental health can influence the way we live our lives on a day to day basis. It can impact our relationships, our work. It can destabilise us, affect our confidence and prevent us from functioning in a way which we feel able to cope and manage everyday life.

Many people living with mental health problems experience a sense of loneliness and consequently feel isolated from the world around them. As the isolation increases, they feel less connected, and therefore, their contribution to the valuable relationships around them can become diminished.


Happy hispanic man talking to his support group about his succes

At Notaro, we believe in supporting our residents to enable them to regain control and to consider how their mental health impacts their lives and the decisions they make. We help them to remember their voice, to be confident that they will be listened to. And that they will be supported in regaining their dignity, their purpose and the valuable contribution they can make to the world around them.

We don’t judge, we encourage and work with our residents to help them achieve realistic goals to restore well-being. We assist in developing and maintaining the skills required for independent living and in regaining a life that is meaningful and rewarding.

Dual Diagnosis

Group of people standing in a circle and holding hands during therapy.

Within our ARBD homes, we also work with dual diagnosis, supporting people with mental health conditions as well as past alcohol addiction. Residents come to us when they are abstinent from alcohol, and we work with them and external agencies such as AA, therapies and add-action to support their continued abstinence.

Our homes are a place of safety and support; residents have full access to therapies, groups and support networks within the local community. We facilitate access to these services to support our residents further to receive the help they need, and to feel connected to the world outside the home.


Life in a Notaro home is recovery focused. We offer a holistic approach to ensuring all aspects of an individual’s life is supervised and any issues or challenges are addressed. No resident should ever feel alone and we foster excellent relationships with the mental health teams and local GP surgeries to ensure continued support for every resident living with us.

We encourage and support residents to maintain or learn skills to live more independently – vital in developing and restoring confidence.

We see each person’s journey individually, and support them to reach their personal goals in a warm, friendly and supportive environment.