Korsakoff Syndrome with ARBD Care

Alcohol Related Brain Damage

Alcohol Related Brain Damage or Disorder (ARBD) is a term given to a number of conditions that can affect the brain and is caused by long term abuse of alcohol. Once an individual has been diagnosed as having ARBD, they ideally need to be placed in a residential setting which can support them to regain their independence whilst focusing on themselves and their recovery. More often funding can be sourced through their local Social Services. Notaro ABRD Care accepts referrals from across the UK and works closely with social workers and commissioners across up and down the country.

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Wernicke Encephalopath

Encephalopathy is a disorder that affects the function of the brain. Wernicke’s encephalopathy usually, but not always, develops suddenly, it can occur after abrupt and untreated withdrawal from alcohol. A range of different symptoms present, but they may not be obvious and it can be difficult to make a diagnosis. Health practitioners are becoming more aware of this disorder, but it is surprisingly still a fairly new condition which is not widely understood.d brain.

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Korsakoff’s Syndrome

Unfortunately if Wernicke’s or if not caught in time or misdiagnosed, it can lead to the amnestic disorder, Korsakoff’s Syndrome. This would be a gradual change and is not sudden like Wernicke’s. Korsaoff’s is essentially a deficiency of Thiamine otherwise known as Vitamin B1. Whilst not officially classed as dementia, the conditions have a lot of similarities and is recognised by the Alzheimer’s Society

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Psychological therapy

Mental Health

Within our ARBD homes, we also work with a dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis is a term given when an individual is experiencing a mental illness, together with a history of substance misuse. Through our ARBD homes, we are able to support people with mental health conditions as well as past alcohol addiction.

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