Activities will be tailored to reflect the mood of the day and all are optional.

The first Tuesday of each month at 11.30am – holy communion.

Monday a.m.               1 – 1 reminiscence time

Monday p.m.               Sewing and crafts

Tuesday a.m.              Life stories

Tuesday p.m.              Drawing/scrapbooks

Wednesday a.m.        Arts and crafts

Wednesday p.m.        Sing-along

Thursday a.m.           Ball skills

Thursday p.m.           Board games, cards

Friday a.m.                Manicures/hand massage

Friday p.m.                Poetry/manicures/hand massage

Saturday a.m.           1 – 1 reminiscence time

Saturday p.m.           Singalong

Sunday a.m.              Flexercise

Sunday p.m.              Cake making/decorating