We believe with the right support and inventions,
our residents will regain a level of independence.

What is ARBD?

Excessive drinking over the years can bring about a condition called Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD). This condition can cause problems to memory, learning, and other cognitive skills. Increasingly the most common is a condition called Korsakoff’s Syndrome

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Recovery Programme

We manage a tailored 3-step enablement programme, which allows us to monitor and assess an individual coping with everyday life skills and support them to relearn them, and regain their independence. However, for more serious diagnosis we can provide a home for life.

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A Career within ARBD Care is as unique and individual as each and every one of our residents. No two days are the same, neither are the people we support and care for. Infact we are the only provider in Somerset that support this client group. So to be part of something amazing and really make a difference.

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Care Home Locations

We have 3 Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD) homes over the Southwest, each providing care and support to individuals on their recovery journey or providing a home for life if required.

We accept referrals from across the UK and will often come to you to do the assessment. Whilst our homes are situated in the South of England, please bear in mind the positive impact this has on those who come to us, living outside of the area. Moving to a different location allows for the individual to focus purely on themselves and their recovery, adding positively to the success of the programme.

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Dementia Action Awareness Week

Notaro ARBD Care actively participated in Dementia Action Awareness Week, a time dedicated to raising awareness about dementia and advocating…