About Notaro ARBD Care

Supporting you towards independence

Notaro ARBD (Alcohol Related Brain Damage) Care provides care and support for individuals living with Alcohol Related Brain Damage such as Korsakoff’s syndrome and Wernicke Encephalopathy.  Notaro ARBD Care is part of a large care provider, N. Notaro Homes Ltd – www.notarohomes.co.uk

The company was founded by managing director Mr Nunzio Notaro and his wife Constance, in 1984 when they purchased their first care home in Torquay, Devon.  The home, Vane Hill, became a provision supporting individuals with Alcohol Related Conditions.  Due to the success of Vane Hill a second home was established in Weston-super-Mare providing Nursing Care for people living with Dementia.  As the company evolved, so did the family involvement. The company is now a hugely successful family business operating 10 care homes across the South West of England, a Homecare agency and a Live-In Care agency.  We are proud to be recognised as a leading provider of Health and Social Care across the region by fellow healthcare professionals.

In January 2012 we decided to give our ARBD Homes their own identity and re branded them to Notaro ARBD Care.  We have 3 specialist homes across the south west, each providing care and support to people living with alcohol related conditions such as korsakoff’s syndrome.  These homes are; Serenita Care Home in Weston-super-Mare, Campania Care Home in Weston-super-Mare and Vane Hill in Torquay.

We are one of few providers in the UK providing specialist support for people living with the effects of previous alcohol abuse.  With over 30 years experience in this field we have combined our knowledge and expertise to develop a way forward.  This provision is designed to help an individual take back control of their life and regain skills to live independently and alcohol free.  When an individual comes to stay in one of our ARBD homes, we work with them to produce a care plan that seeks to enable them to return to the community and support them to live as independently as they can.

As alcohol related conditions become more prevalent across the UK and the need increases for provisions of care and support, Notaro ARBD Care will continue to invest in further developments and innovative cutting edge services, to meet the needs of the individual.

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