Mealtimes & Nutrition

Mealtimes are an important part of daily life within all our homes, social occasions to be enjoyed by everyone. To meet your exact needs, we ensure your dietary and nutritional requirements are taken into account from the moment you move in.

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Supporting husband

Visit one of our Care Homes

Our client referrals come from across the UK, so we understand it is not always possible for you to visit the home who are considering. If you are able to come and view the home, we strongly suggest booking an appointment if you wish to see our managers.

Our homes are first and foremost our resident’s homes. We ask all visitors to be mindful of this when visiting, Thank you.

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Psychological therapy


Due to the nature of ARBD and the cognitive impairment effects it can cause to the brain, a routine has to be the foundation of daily living within our homes and specifically tailored and individualised at every level, for every person. Every day, each resident will have a set routine to follow and house rules to achieve. These routines are discussed and agreed during the ongoing assessment meetings. Daily tasks encourage people to make their home their own and relearn basic living skills, that can help provide building blocks for their recovery and promoting independance. day life.

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Fee Structure

Notaro ARBD Care has developed a positive and flexible approach working with commissioners of care to provide support solutions that also provide value for money. Fees reduce as stages of recovery are assessed and achieved.

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