Life as a support worker

Life as a support worker is rather different than the more traditional role of a care assistant you would find in a care home. The main goal when working as a support worker is to help residents in the home regain their living skills whilst supporting their independence, as opposed to a care assistant who is there to provide more direct care and support to an elderly resident. 

The daily responsibilities

The key is in the name of this job as the main responsibilities are focused around providing support for residents. Supporting them on their journey to recovery and encouraging them to build themselves back up to be able to reintegrate into their communities. 

Much like the residents, each day is unique but through it all, our support workers are in charge of ensuring everyone is always treated with respect, dignity and are there to create a happy and friendly environment to aid recovery. 

A challenging job with a great reward

With all care jobs, every day can be a lot of work and there can be difficult moments, but these days are well worth it as this job can be incredibly rewarding. Helping others to get back on their feet and regain their independence brings a great feeling of pride, each and every time. 

Who is suited for the job?

These sorts of jobs would also be great for people in similar fields, such as trainee police officers or those studying alcohol and drug misuse, to gain more experience working with similar types of people.

However, even with no experience, we really look for those individuals who are resilient, enthusiastic about care, respectful and understanding  – so if this sounds like you, a support worker role might be the perfect fit! We offer training to everyone who joins our amazing team in the form of an online training programme.

We prioritise finding those who would be a great fit for our Notaro team and show a real interest in what we do. 

Want to find out more about life as a support worker or the vacancies we have available? Make sure to follow our social channels for regular updates and visit our careers page for the latest vacancies.