Life as a Notaro ARBD Care Support Worker can be rather different from the traditional role of a care assistant in a care home. When working within Notaro ARBD Care, not only are you there to help the residents with general day-to-day tasks, but also to support the residents on their journey to recovery and regain confidence by giving them the knowledge and ability to go back into their communities. 

The daily responsibilities of our support workers are shaped by the individual needs of residents living with alcohol-related brain damage, such as Korsakoff’s Syndrome and Wernicke’s. Notaro ARBD Care is here to support clients gaining skills and confidence whilst always treating with the best respect and dignity, – creating a happy and friendly environment; After all, providing a safe and comfortable space is one of the key elements that help recovery, keeping positive mindsets and lifting spirits to help regain their independence again. We are here to help, make sure the residents are positively engaged, and have a fun-filled active day that supports their journey. Our support workers really do help to change someone’s life for the better!

A career that opens doors

If you are looking for a future career in the police force, psychology or even a social worker in a similar field, working at Notaro ARBD Care will be the perfect opportunity for you to get valuable experience working with adults in recovery. You will gain skills in managing and helping people, it is likely you will face behaviours that on occasion can be challenging – Notaro ARBD Care provides comprehensive training and full support to enable you to develop into the role confidently.

If this sounds like something that interests you, you can find out about our available job roles here: