For those who suffer from ARBD, eating well is extremely important to recovery. For those with ARBD whose digestive system efficacy is or has been compromised by alcohol, they can often be suffering from a lack of Vitamin B1 – thiamine.

Essential for our health, thiamine is required to metabolise sugars to energy, being the key to our cells performing a wide array of day-to-day functions. When this is lacking, our health is compromised. At Norato ARBD Care, we ensure all dietary and nutritional requirements are taken into account and subsequently met from the moment you move in.

We try to ensure all mealtimes are social occasions to be enjoyed by everyone within our homes and aim to regularly tailor our menus accordingly to meet everyone’s tastes and needs. Different choices are offered every day to ensure that mealtimes remain exciting, and we will always include foods which are rich in Vitamin B1 – and to ensure mealtimes are they bit more special, our wonderful chefs will offer a range of delicious freshly-baked goods!

Each Notaro ARBD Care home is also specially designed to match the needs of residents. From Campania including a kitchenette for personal use, to Vane Hill and Serenita including allotments, vegetable planters and a barbecue area, we will always strive to ensure residents keep their freedom when it comes to food interaction and preparation where possible while still maintaining a healthy, nutritional diet.

If you would like to learn more about what we offer at our ARBD Care homes or have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with the team today on 01934 422822.

Alternatively, if Notaro ARBD Care sounds like a place you could see yourself working and being a part of, we are currently hiring for a number of roles – all vacancies can be found at