At Notaro ARBD Care, we work under the fundamental promise of promoting independence, dignity and respect for everyone in our homes. Because our lives become so intertwined as we share our experiences with residents and colleagues, we don’t just look at the qualifications and experience behind a person, but the quality of their character too. When selecting people to join our team as support workers, they must show qualities such as empathy, patience, and a caring nature. 

Regardless of experience, every new recruit will complete our induction course prior to starting. This programme gives our staff the confidence and skills they need to perform their job and support residents to the best of their ability. New recruits will also have the opportunity to complete their Care Certificate, which is a 12-week process required to work in the role.  

The support worker role is an incredibly helpful experience for those looking to start their career in the psychology or public services sector. Along the way, you will work closely with people in unique life situations daily. Whether they’re dealing with loss, family struggles, or have experienced homelessness, everyone you will work with has their own story, and challenges to support. 

Gathering this experience can be a massive stepping stone in the right direction for your career, and Notaro ARBD Care often encourage their staff to progress. One perfect example of this is Milan Mores, our very own ARBD Care Home Manager, who keeps the cogs turning at our Serenita home. Milan joined Notaro ARBD Care in 2006 and has since worked his way up internally to become a Care Home Manager through hard work and continual training under Notaro Care Home’s support.  

You can see what Milan had to say about his time at Notaro ARBD Care here: 

So, if you’re looking to start a rewarding career as a Support Worker, while gaining more experience and knowledge in psychology, rehabilitation, and care, visit our website to see what vacancies we have available: 

Alternatively, you can call our head office between 9am-5pm, Monday – Friday on 01934 422 822, email your CV to, or visit our Facebook and drop us a private message.