On the Christmas party planning committee this year? This one might be for you! 

We all love an office party, a chance to relax, de-stress and enjoy the Christmas festivities with co-workers, but often the non-drinkers amongst us get overlooked and left out – not very in keeping with the Christmas spirit!

Drinking-focused work nights out are not only noninclusive but also result in binge drinking. Drinking more than the recommended limit can result in a much higher risk of Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD) and other health risks.

We’ve put together a few ideas of non-alcohol-related party ideas that can be great fun for a work night out, so maybe consider a few of these whilst planning this year’s celebrations.

Escape Rooms

These have risen in popularity over the last few years, and the concept is simple. A group of you in a room, having to solve puzzles and find clues to work your way out of the room! These usually have a time limit of about an hour and can typically be completed in groups of two to eight!

This is one of our local favourites! https://www.lockandcode.co.uk/

Go Karting

Find out who the most competitive people in your office are, and who might be the next Lewis Hamilton! Go Karting can be done indoors or outdoors, is reasonably easy to get to grips with and can create a great bit of healthy competition within the group.

Laser Tag

Another competitive one, and a good bit of exercise, you could split people into teams by their department and get everyone to let off some steam by shooting each other with lasers! Paintball is another alternative, similar to this but usually outdoors.

Whilst we know that most Christmas parties are situated around drinking, our only recommendation is that you have fun, drink in moderation, and be mindful of those who don’t.

Merry Christmas!