New Year’s resolutions, Dry January, Veganuary – the first month of the year comes with the pressure to change. Change your diet, the amount you drink, and any habit you want to get rid of. Perhaps it’s no surprise that most New Year’s resolutions have been broken by the 15th of January – the pressure is too much!

Change can be good, and change can definitely be healthy. On our social media platforms, we’ve gone over the benefits of taking a month off from drinking, how your diet can help prevent long-term illness and general lifestyle tips for leading a healthy life and preventing alcohol-related brain damage. We would still strongly encourage these practices.

February, however, brings a month of love and togetherness. Valentine’s Day and LGBTQ+ History Month – reasons to celebrate, get together and share love, something we would like to promote this month.

February is a time to reach out to those close to you, check in on them and perhaps spread some love – send them a gift, take them for a coffee or go for a walk together! It is also a time to encourage those good habits everyone planned to do in January but failed – healthy eating, cutting down on alcohol, doing more exercise, etc.

On the 4th of February, take part in the World Cancer Day 5k challenge – walking, running, cycling or swimming – however you like, get out and challenge yourself! This could be a great way to discover, or even rediscover a fun hobby and work towards building it into your routine.

Whatever you do or whenever you do it, taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle can greatly reduce your cancer risk and for many other conditions, such as alcohol-related brain damage.

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