We have gathered a selection reviews from comments and feedback written about the ARBD Care service we provide. These comments have been taken from some of the wonderful letters we regularly receive. Names of residents have been respectfully omitted to protect their privacy and dignity.


Just a little note to say thank you for the care and compassion you have shown to Daniel while he was in your care. We are so very grateful to all at Campania.

Family of former resident at Campania

Thank you all so much for everything you have done for my Dad.  Words can’t describe how much we appreciate all of the help from every single one of you.  This has been life changing for Dad and my family and we wouldn’t of got this far without you all.

Thank you so much

Wife of former resident, who has now return home

I would like to bring to your attention and commend one of your staff members who was attending with a service user, Weston General Hospital on **** 2014.

I was particularly drawn to her caring and professional manner with which she helped this man, making sure he was comfortable and addressing his apprehension at being in the A & E department. It was a very rewarding thing to witness and your staff member should be commended.

At a time when the focus of care service usually highlights the negative, I am keen to acknowledge positive and caring contributions, so please pass on our appreciation. I do not know her name but I’m sure you will be able to establish which member of your staff it was.

Anne Kemp – Counsellor

Directorate- People and Communities, North Somerset Council

Care plans … contain goals, how the goals are going to be met and an outcome. They are written from the individual’s point of view and are signed and agreed by the person living in the home when possible. (Risk assessments) give staff very clear guidelines about what might trigger someone to be aggressive and how to manage the situation.”

Extract from a Care Quality Commission report for Campania.

“We spoke to all those who live at the home. All feedback was positive. Several told us that they had improved considerably… Not only had they abstained from alcohol but their physical health had improved greatly… Their self-esteem had also improved, and many have acquired work habits, skills and qualifications with certificates to equip them to eventually return to the community.”

Extract from a Care Quality Commission report for Vane Hill.

“I had been in and out of hospital and rehab centres many times over the years, nothing worked until coming to Serenita. Here I have been able to develop and get myself better through the on-going support and guidance they have offered me. I feel very comfortable here and am treated like an individual. My needs have been catered for and I’m looking forward to walking out of here, not running.”


“I can see things from the other side and that you can give up alcohol. Now I would like to become a counsellor. There’s no way I’d have thought of doing courses before coming here. I’ve got my son and my family back, I can’t wait to go home and have my boy with me, and work. The next time I want to see one of these places, I want to be working here! I’d recommend this place to anyone if they want to get better. It can be done.”


“The support has been amazing, I can’t thank them enough.”



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